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ILYM's Backyard Read & Sip

ILYM"s Backyard Read & Sip 

Due to COVID 19, ILYM's Backyard Read and Sip has been canceled to protect the health and safety of all participants.

Please check back soon.  We are eager to resume the continuity of learning by reading selected books during the Summer break. 

ILYM's Backyard Read and Sip is an interactive storytime that brings laughter and creates special memories for all who are in attendance.  Book selections are strongly encouraged.  We typically select books that appeal to children between the ages of 0-8 even though all ages are welcomed to attend storytime. If your child has a favorite book that you would like for us to read, please feel free to submit your request. 

Courtesy refreshments will be provided as well.  Please email ILYM at in order to reserve your attendance or if you have any questions.   Thank you!!  #LoveIsLife

Storytime Dates
                                                TBD                     The Giving Three
                                                TBD                     Where the Wild Things Are 
                                                TBD                     I Love You the Mostest