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ILYM's Student Tutoring


Awesome!!  We see that you have made the first commitment towards investing in your child’s academic development by electing to sign up for tutoring.  Please review all information listed below prior to placing an order for tutoring services. 


Each student shall come prepared willing to work hard on improving their identified tutoring expectations.  To ensure that each student’s time is respected, all tutoring sessions will promptly begin at their pre-scheduled time.  Students are responsible for ensuring that they have all materials (books, homework packets, pencils, study guides, etc), needed for tutoring, upon arrival.  Students will set high expectations for their own excellence and will not expect for the assigned tutor to complete their work assignments.  Students are expected to display respectful and courteous behavior at all times and will not be allowed to eat nor snack during tutoring sessions.  

Parents shall ensure that students arrive on time for each scheduled tutoring session and be diligent in picking up students on time as well.  No adjustment to fees shall be made for time lost because of late arrival of a student or by early termination of a session due to leaving for an emergency.  It is vital that parents understand the importance of displaying respectful behavior towards their child’s learning environment.  Tutoring sessions shall not be interrupted unless in the event of an emergency (which does not include providing food for supper).  

ILYM’s hourly tutoring rate is $20 per hour unless you have made prior arrangements for a monthly package deal (8 sessions/2 times per week).  Each session is for one hour and  includes fifty-five (55) minutes of tutoring and five (5) minutes to check in and/or conduct an overview regarding progress and scheduling. In the event it becomes necessary to extend the allotted time for tutoring sessions, additional hourly fees will accrue. All fees are due at the beginning of each tutoring session. You may pay for monthly package tutoring sessions in advance by using a debit and/or credit card on ILYM's products page.  Please note: There will not be any exceptions for travel time hindrances (such as traffic, etc.) at the beginning nor end of a tutoring sessions. 

ILYM makes ever effort to identify tutoring sessions that are in the best interest of each student based on their individual assessment plans (established at the onset of service).  Please ensure that you stick to the pre-identified dates and times (once scheduled) so that your child can obtain the most beneficial results.  We may be able to adjust your tutoring session(s). However, please understand that it is not likely that such requests are always granted. 

You may cancel a tutoring session with no penalty (in exception to monthly packages) up to 24 hours before the scheduled session. If, however, you cancel within 24 hours of the session, payment is due in full for the first hour.  If you have pre-paid for a monthly package,  you will not be entitled to a refund due canceling a tutoring session in advance. 

Any student who refers another student, and such student signs up for tutoring services, will receive a $10 credit to his or her account once the referred student has attended a tutoring session.  Please Note: when referring other students please be aware that pricing may vary from student to student and is subject to change.

Tutoring agreements may be terminated at any time by any party, within seven (7) days of notice.  If ILYM elects to end the tutoring relationship for some reason, ILYM will carry out every effort to provide referrals upon request as long as termination is not due to a violation of any of the terms listed within this agreement.