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ILYM's Lesson Plan (K - Grade 1)

ILYM's Lesson PlanLove Placements

GRADE LEVELS:                                       TIME:

Kindergarten – Grade 1                              1 Hour 30 Minutes (modify as necessary)


Students will be able to:
  1. Learn and identify one, two, and three syllable adjectives
  2. Learn grammar concepts that applies to superlative and comparative adjectives
  1. Write and use adjectives correctly when speaking
  2. Build team-player and leadership skills by collaborating with their classmates to complete the activity
  3. Individually and/or collaboratively assess whether a word is an adjective and determine the adjective’s syllable arrangement
  4. Apply individual analysis, using the knowledge learned during the activity, to identify additional adjectives that are not used as part of the activity


PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: (is helpful)

  1. Students should have previously carried out reading and/or activity assignments that discussed adjectives and how they are used
  2. Students should have been provided an overview and explanation of syllables and provided assistance regarding how to break words down into syllables



  • Titled Book I Love You the Mostest (ILYM)
  • White/Smart Board,
  • White/Smart Board Marker
  • Blank Wall Cards
  • Paper (Activity Log Sheet)
  • Pencil
  • Tape or Magnetic Clips
  • Prize Candy or Goodies (if lesson plan is conducted as a game activity)



  1. Instructor will provide an overview and example of the difference between bold and underlined words
  2. Instructor will read ILYM and write each adjective within the book on a separate wall card. Instructor should yield a stack of wall cards for each corresponding student group.
  3. Place Magnetic Clips or tape on all wall card and set aside
  4. Set aside a copy of ILYM and a sheet of paper (activity sheet) for each corresponding group of students
  5. Create three columns on white/smart board where students would place one, two, and three syllable adjectives
  6. Set aside the correct number of corresponding prizes for the winning group (if lesson plan is conducted as a game activity)



  1. Create equal part student groups, based on class attendance, and pass out copies of ILYM and the activity sheet
  2. Have student groups identify an activity logger within their group who will perform the writing functions of the activity
  3. Instruct the activity logger to write each student’s name and make two columns (to write bold and underlined words) on the piece of paper.  
  4. Provide student instructions that include the following:
    1. Listen and observe very carefully during the reading of ILYM
    2. Identify and write down all words in the book that are bold and underlined on their activity sheet. Activity sheet should have two columns – one column for bold words and one for underlined words.
    3. Work collaboratively among each other as a team, ask your team members questions or provide assistance to help each other complete the activity
  5. After reading ILYM, ask students to read aloud all words that were bold.
  6. Randomly select student groups, allowing groups to collaborate with each other, to determine whether bold words are actual words recognized within the dictionary
  7. Provide overview informing students of bold words within ILYM that are not listed within a dictionary
  8. Have students cross out bold words that are not listed within the dictionary on their activity sheet
  9. Provide a brief overview about adjectives, syllables, and conduct a run through with students of each adjective listed on your pre printed wall cards
  10. Randomly select student groups to collaboratively identify how many syllables are in each adjectives and place the wall card within the correct column on the board
  11. Allow all students groups to assess whether the placement of the wall card is correct
  12. Provide prize/candy to student groups upon providing correct answers
  13. For incorrect placement of wall cards:
    1. Select a different student group or allow all groups to provide the correct answer
    2. Select a student to place the wall card within the correct column
  14. Continuously assess and provide assistance and reinforcement as student groups carry out efforts to pronounce and/or identify the correct number of syllables in each adjective
  15. Allow each student group three minutes to brainstorm among each other in order to come up with one or more adjectives that are not currently listed on the white/smart board
  16. Have student group determine which column the adjective would be placed



  1. Did it benefit students by being able to work within a group setting?
  2. Were students able to easily identify the number of syllables in each adjective?
  3. Were students able to easily read and pronounce adjectives listed within ILYM?
  4. What adjustment(s) would you make in order to yield more benefits when carrying out this lesson plan in the future?
  5. Did students seem to enjoy participating and learning during the activity?
  6. Were all objectives of this lesson plan fulfilled? If not, what actions could have been carried out in order to satisfy objectives?



Handout #1     I Love You the Mostest

Handout #2     Activity Log Sheet

Handout #3     Pre-printed wall cards