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About the Book

I Love You the Mostest (ILYM) is a fun-loving children's book and literacy resource primarily geared to assist kindergarten through 3rd grade students with learning about superlative and comparative adjectives.  ILYM is used as a teaching resource by educators nationally and internationally. 

ILYM highlights a smart, rambunctious, and funny little first grader named Caleb who's learning about adjectives in school. As a result of trying to consistently apply grammar rules appropriately,  he finds himself creatively forming words that are not quite listed within the dictionary.

One great benefit in reading ILYM is that it displays a kid, who NEVER stops trying to learn, even after making a few mistakes along the way.  So often, we find that most attention is placed on mistakes.  However, ILYM makes more of an effort to focus on a solution.  Words, used in the incorrect form, are bold. Corresponding words, that are used in the correct form are underlined, and placed shortly after as learning reinforcement.    

ILYM was written in alignment with Common Core English Language Arts - Language and Reading Literature Standards for kindergarten through grade 3.  A basic overview of superlative and comparative adjectives and an assessment of understanding are placed in the back of the book for review.  In efforts to assist educators, parents, and/or caretakers with helping children to understand the material, the assessment of understanding have questions in which children are encouraged to answer by applying critical analysis. 

Please reference grade appropriate lesson plans (available on this website under the corresponding Lesson Plan tab).  The lesson plans are available to assist in presenting the concepts in ILYM as well. 

May you enjoy reading ILYM to your child(ren) or students.  And, may ILYM assists you in establishing and fostering the connection between love and education.

"To love a child is to teach a child." - Star Session