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Meet the Author


Star Session, a Los Angeles native,  is an educator and HR professional who has over twenty three years (23) of tenure working with various school districts within the County of Los Angeles.

In addition to teaching K-12, adult education, and college level students, Ms. Session dedicates countless hours of her time mentoring and providing educational services such as tutoring and literacy programs to inner-city children and youth who reside in underserved communities within the County of Los Angeles. Ms. Session also provides assistance and guidance to parents through instructor-led and webinar workshops that encourages and develop parents' abilities to engage and establish proactive approaches in their children's education.  Her commitment in helping children learn and excel is what inspired the composition of I Love You the Mostest.  

Ms. Session's  love for education started when she was just a little girl growing up in the inner-city streets of Los Angeles.  She has always been captured by the desire of wanting to understand information from a foundational basis versus being informed by surface level ideologies.  Ms. Session graduated valedictorian in grade school and continued such excellence onto graduating with honors in college. 

"I consider the essence of this book to be one of my most precious jewels in establishing social reciprocity.  When reading I Love You the Mostest I hope that it captures your child or students' heart, as it did mine, when writing it" - Star Session